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It’s that time of the year when your schedule is packed and figuring out what to wear to what event is becoming more of a pain. We get it, and we want to help you figure out your drip.

This task wasn’t difficult at all since we decided to call on our energetic musos from Bougie Pantsula (whose style is all flames) and a full-on style challenge ensued.

Now; watch them go head-to-head in store as they showcase their best looks for this hectic season. A whole lot of fun times and a store filled with AMAZING fashion made for a very challenging challenge.


PSSST… After you’ve watched Jabba and Buni have their “stylist moments” please head on over to our Markham Facebook & Markham Instagram pages and VOTE for your best look where you could stand to win a R500 TFG Voucher, baby!

Competition runs from 6 – 10 December 2018. Get voting!


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Recently we introduced you to the fresh sounds of Bougie Pantsula who are doing the most as they enter the scene right now – like having the time of their lives at Rocking the Daisies music festival 2018.

Jabba & Matt Ryan are not only music guys but are also discovering their style and with the help of Markham, are showing the country just how versatile their artistry really is. Whether they’re in the studio or out and about breathing in festival air, one thing is certain: Ain’t no swag like Bougie swag!

Take a young look at what they’ve been up to…

The guys also announce the winner of their insta-story competition. If you posted a vid of you singing to one of their songs at the UCT Jammie Steps and tagged #MKMxBougie – then you could be the winner of a R500 TFG Fashion Voucher.

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With everything happening in and around our country right now, we can’t help but find the hidden gems that make us proudly South African – Bougie Pantsula is an ode to this African-ness and we are ecstatic about what the youth of this country is doing as they aspire to change perceptions with creative prowess.

Bougie Pantsula is a music duo that hails from Gauteng but discovered their connection and sound in Cape Town while pursuing their studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Jabba and Matt Ryan make up this 2-man force who decided to create a sound that represented who they are so that they could feed a poetic newness to the people – and from what we’ve heard, it’s definitely a local flavour like no other. The hustle is real and as a brand we admire that tenacity, recognising these young creatives making their mark and in turn inspiring a generation.

Music is so fluid these days and that goes for music genres and selective sound – everything has a little something-something from another something-something immersed in the kind of music we listen and relate to; this is much the case with Bougie Pantsula. You get the Hip-Hop influence, but that authentic Kwaito undertones have that pure taste of home and Kasi vibes. The culmination of it all could be a great coincidence, but even if it was deliberate, it is good to the core with a touch of South Africa no other country can duplicate.

 Listen to this >>>

Markham fell for this concept hook, line and sinker because it is fresh and authentic. The hunger and passion for what they do and the effect they could have on aspiring young creatives makes us extremely excited to be on this journey with Bougie Pantsula. The energy from their camp is electric and it really just made us proud to be South African and more than that, African. Our youth have so much to offer and the up-and-coming talent is just too fresh.

Watch the journey unfold between Bougie Pantsula X Markham as they give us a realistic look at what happens in the day-to-day of Jabba and Matt Ryan hustling as students doing the most to balance studying with the craft of music. In this video, camera meets music duo who don’t only rely on talent but continuously stay on the grind.

In their own words: “We’re eating beats!”

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Unknown-1As one of the biggest menswear retailers in the country, we want to thank all the women who support our brand 24/7.

The Markham team recently hung out with Refiloe Nkoane on the set of our new campaign.

Refiloe is a 21 year old Fashion Media student at LISOF. She is also a social media influencer and lifestyle,beauty and fashion content creator who is passionate about the arts and loves to travel (if her Insta page is anything to go by we’d say she does an awesome job capturing her moments but hey don’t take our word for it, follow her @fiiloe.vera).

Here’s her take on what it means to be a young woman on the grind and living in Mzansi:

“Being a young woman in South Africa couldn’t have come at a better time for women my age, considering the fact that we come from a country of democracy where women have rights and women are empowered to be anything they want to be. There is no limitations in terms of women capabilities and achievements!! It also gives me a sense of comfort and joy due to the amount of support we get”

Wathinta abafazi, wathinta imbokodo




This is the 3rd year of our collaboration with Good Hope FM in hosting the Teen Dream initiative and it just keeps getting bigger!

Teen Dream is a competition giving 30 matric students from schools across the Western Cape the chance to win their dream outfit for their matric farewell. The process is quite simple: The entrants have to send an email motivating why they feel they deserve the chance to be dressed in the outfit of their dreams.

The Good Hope FM team had the difficult task of selecting 30 learners in the period spanning June/July and each and every one of these winners, received an opportunity to shop their perfect outfit to the value of R3500!

To make this even more special, the guys were fitted and styled by influencer and stylist, Anesu and our photographer, S’bu made sure we have memories for a lifetime. This all took place with a live Good Hope FM broadcast inside the Markham Canal Walk store.

It is indeed an honour and a privilege as South Africa’s biggest menswear retail, to have the chance to give these young gents the opportunity to look good and feel good on this occasion.



We love that Mandela day comes along mid-year since it is the perfect time to shake up the team and do something amazing for others.

To commemorate what Nelson Mandela contributed to South Africa and Africa at large, we decided to partner with Fix Forward ( and give back to Parkview Primary in Atlantis; Western Cape. This school was one of the recipients of complete school upgrades as part of the National Department of Basic Education’s Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative (ASIDI) programme which included media centres, art rooms, courtyards, sports fields and so much more. There is no doubt that these type of initiatives are the best way to make sure that the future of SA is bright for our youth as the core fundamentals are taken care of.

As the Markham team, we were more than ready to go and check out the changes made to Parkview Primary, and since winter is in full force, served soup to the kids as well as supplying stationery packs. The Fix Forward team painted the school hall and other amenities. We were super surprised to see how amazing the school had turned out and how the teachers and pupils were benefiting greatly from this initiative.

We’d like to give a huge shout-out to Parkview Primary School, Fix Forward and the entire Markham team.

May we all remember the spirit of #MadibaDay and continue to serve and do good in order to better our communities #BeTheLegacy

I was not a messiah, but an ordinary man who had become a leader because of extraordinary circumstances” – Nelson Mandela



At Markham, we care about the clothes we make, because we care about the men who wear them. We came here to make a name, not just for ourselves, but for our customers, our staff, and our communities. That’s why we’re proud to be introducing Markham M.E.N.

Markham M.E.N, or Mentorship Engagement Network, is our new corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform, from which we hope to launch a number of new initiatives that help to uplift, empower and engage South Africans from all walks of life.

We will be partnering with other non-profit organisations and collaborating with our own network to give back to the hustlers and support the dreamers for whom the Markham brand was made.

For our first instalment, we’re working in partnership with Fix Forward, a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to connecting renovators with hand-picked, quality tradesmen from low-income communities. They will go through these training workshops monthly for 7 months at The Clothing Bank, as well as guest workshops at Markham Head Office. We wish them all the best, and we’re excited to see where their next steps take them.

The first workshop for the artisans took place on 13 June 2018. We wish them all the best.

Watch this space for more: