With everything happening in and around our country right now, we can’t help but find the hidden gems that make us proudly South African – Bougie Pantsula is an ode to this African-ness and we are ecstatic about what the youth of this country is doing as they aspire to change perceptions with creative prowess.

Bougie Pantsula is a music duo that hails from Gauteng but discovered their connection and sound in Cape Town while pursuing their studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Jabba and Matt Ryan make up this 2-man force who decided to create a sound that represented who they are so that they could feed a poetic newness to the people – and from what we’ve heard, it’s definitely a local flavour like no other. The hustle is real and as a brand we admire that tenacity, recognising these young creatives making their mark and in turn inspiring a generation.

Music is so fluid these days and that goes for music genres and selective sound – everything has a little something-something from another something-something immersed in the kind of music we listen and relate to; this is much the case with Bougie Pantsula. You get the Hip-Hop influence, but that authentic Kwaito undertones have that pure taste of home and Kasi vibes. The culmination of it all could be a great coincidence, but even if it was deliberate, it is good to the core with a touch of South Africa no other country can duplicate.

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Markham fell for this concept hook, line and sinker because it is fresh and authentic. The hunger and passion for what they do and the effect they could have on aspiring young creatives makes us extremely excited to be on this journey with Bougie Pantsula. The energy from their camp is electric and it really just made us proud to be South African and more than that, African. Our youth have so much to offer and the up-and-coming talent is just too fresh.

Watch the journey unfold between Bougie Pantsula X Markham as they give us a realistic look at what happens in the day-to-day of Jabba and Matt Ryan hustling as students doing the most to balance studying with the craft of music. In this video, camera meets music duo who don’t only rely on talent but continuously stay on the grind.

In their own words: “We’re eating beats!”

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