SAMW 2018 as seen by our Cape Town Influencer, Qhawe Hlazo

My  name’s Qhawe Hlazo, student and part time model based in Cape Town. I spent last weekend covering South African Menswear Week for Markham. In so doing, I really tried to experience the event in a way that made sense to me and the brand. By my side was @explore_pi ‘s and his camera, shooting tirelessly over the two days.


I decided to attend SAMW for two reasons:

First reason is Networking. I’ve always said, if you constantly surround yourself with people who know what you know, you are denying yourself of growth.

Second reason is Fashion. No explanation needed!

So going into this, I definitely expected to get a better grasp of the fashion world and its influences.

I was really moved by vintage bloggers, @vintage_tie_don @mr_khatha. There’s something so elegant about vintage dressing, and these two are able to create their own. Another hectic look for me was  @just_bradleyy. What’s so great about his style is how he mixes vintage pieces with current clothing creating a fusion of vintage and on trend outfits.

Best part? Everyday is Fashion Week. See you at the next event!

Peep our favourite looks below:

You can follow Qhawe on instagram to check out his latest news: @qhawe_hlazo