Following an eventful Sun Met last year we’re excited for this year’s installment of horse racing, music, culture and most importantly the fashion aspect of the Met.

On January 27 2018, Kenilworth Racecourse will Be turned into Cape Town’s very own catwalk when this year’s theme, ‘Style Ahead of the Field’ encourages all race goers to come dressed in colors, prints and textures inspired by Africa.

Do you have no clue where to start with your outfit?

Don’t worry, Markham has your back each year. We got one of our favorite Menswear influencer and stylist @aneyx_ to put together 3 inspirational looks one can use to decide on their Met outfit and here’s what he had to say about each of these looks.

“The theme is self-explanatory really and we’re even given the freedom of expressing our style by adding colors, prints and textures inspired by Africa.

The mistake that a lot of people will make is sticking to African prints which are not the only form of expressing Africa in an outfit in my opinion.

Look 1

As you can see in the first look, I’ve gone with a sky blue suit which symbolizes the African skies and I paired it up with a woolen golfer which is brown in color, brown symbolizes the rich soil in which we cultivate our plants which is the source of our food and essentially life.

Can you see how the theme doesn’t limit you to only the typical African prints?

To mix things up and add a bit of color I then chose a printed pocket square with a complimentary feather lapel pin which brings life to the outfit and instead of wearing the traditional formal shoes, I’ve opted for a fresh pair of sandals which only Markham has consistently woven over the years. This is my favorite look by the way!

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Look 2 

A man in a power suit is irresistible in business, at a bar or anywhere in fact, ask your lady friends.

For this look, I fell in love with this royal blue suit the moment I saw it.

Styled with a detailed tie and a colorful pocket square, I feel like royalty wearing this royal blue suit and it’s definitely one to look out for when deciding on your outfit for the Met.
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Look 3 

And finally the tux with a twist,

I personally found tuxedos very boring and only for older gentlemen while growing up. I eventually decided to rock one with a twist.

Instead of your conventional black tie with a tuxedo, I’ve bent the rules a bit.

A colorful bow tie with rich African colors and a complimentary pocket square.

To finish off this look, I’ve paired it up with a classic suede loafer which not only looks good, but feels very comfortable as well.

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A few tips and tricks to those looking out to win best dressed couple along with their partners:

  • Don’t match each other, rather complement each other’s looks with pieces like lapel flowers, or even a pocket square that matches her dress.
  • Don’t forget your hat, it’s a Met rule but then again, rules are meant to be broken!
  • Always smile because that’s the final and magical touch to your exquisite outfit for the race day.
  • Be free and creative when interpreting the theme, don’t limit your look to following the keywords in the theme.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to take a picture of your outfit and tag Markham on the picture. You will stand a chance to be featured and your look will inspire other stylish gents around the country.

Don your Afro-chic attire and get ready to celebrate Africa’s Richest Race Day in true style.