With the rise of athleisure wear, casual looks are finding their way into the realm of the formal. Times have changed and us guys will find any excuse to dress down as opposed to up. A suit and tie is even pushing it for the office these days let alone the wedding of your better half’s bestie. And a tux? If we have to… And a white tux? Well, that’s just pushing it!

Maharshala Ali | Screen Actor's Guild Awards

Turns out, however, the white tux was the hottest red carpet get-up at this year’s awards season, from the Bafta’s to the Screen Actor Guild Awards to the Oscars. Yes, gents, the white tux is having a moment, so you better recognize.

Originally worn in the military, the white tux jacket became the formal ‘it’ garment for men in the summertime. Nowadays it’s become a ‘peacocking’ staple for those wanting to get noticed. Here are some of our favourite looks for this year’s awards season and some vintage white tux jacket wearing OG’s.

  1. The star of Moonlight, Maharshala Ali, went for an all white tux with slim shawl collar at this year’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. We love the leather loafers-sans-socks giving this look a laid back vibe yet being totally on point.


  2. English actor, David Oyelowo, had heads turning at the Oscars in his classic white tux jacket and black shawl collar.


  3. And probably our favourite white tux look is from Dev Patel at this year’s Oscars. The simple styling of the slim jacket with peaked lapels, black pants and bowtie make this a classic yet stand-out look.


  1. It was arguably Sean Connery and Roger Moore as James Bond, who reinvigorated the appeal in of the white tux adding a burst of red to the lapel in the form of a flower. Fast forward a decade or two and who could forget Diddy in his prime.

    Sean_Connery_WhiteTux White_Tux_Pdiddy