This year’s Durban July met our expectations and more, the horse races, the constant ecstatic energy in the atmosphere, but we paid special attention to the men-style and their interpretation of the theme ‘Colour of magic’.

Before we go anywhere far, our brand ambassadors showed everyone that stylish and elegance is the way to go as Anga (@iamnaakmusiq) and Anesu (@aneyx) ably demonstrated.


Inspired by elegance and the fury white magic, Anga wore a Markham tuxedo and paired it up with an interesting bow-tie and pocket square, magical!

On the other hand, Anesu had another interpretation to the theme as he wore a Markham burgundy suit with a marble printed shirt and accessorised his look well with hints of navy.

Photo 2017-07-01, 4 17 33 PM

Congratulation to this year’s best dressed gentleman, @naseemnazer, here’s a glimpse of what he wore:

Photo 2017-07-03, 4 40 07 PM

Throughout the day we kept an eye out for interesting looks and proper interpretations of the theme, the gentlemen definitely delivered!

Here are a few of our favourites:

We think these gentlemen definitely pulled off the color of magic in their outfits and we can’t to see what next year’s instalment of the Durban July has waiting for us!