Hitting up your first job, or ready for a work wardrobe re-model? Stress less. Here are the basics you need for the week. Wash and repeat.



ONE Suit (Waistcoat Optional)

A suit is a solid investment, so make sure it fits well and feels good. Darker colours stay in style longer. So, if you’re getting your first suit; opt for black, dark grey or navy blue, and switch it up with shirts and accessories.


TWO Blazers

When it comes to blazers you have a few options: double breasted (four buttons), single button, and the classic two button style. Pick styles in different colours and materials – perfect to change up your look.


FOUR Shirts

If you only do your laundry at the weekend, up this to five. (It’s important you wear a fresh shirt every day). Mix it up with a balance of prints and plains to give you options when you’re matching your chinos.


THREE Chinos

Go for a dark colour (navy or black) a neutral (khaki, stone or grey) and something trendy which you can have fun with (like pink, mustard or blue). Chinos should fit on your hips – not loose, not too tight. So, buy a comfortable size and add a belt.


FOUR Key Accessories

This is your Accessories Starter Pack: A good watch, a functional bag, a versatile belt (tan goes with everything) and at least one tie for meetings. Build it up over time – you’ll want to add more pocket squares, ties and belts for a style update.


TWO Shoes

Casual offices might allow sneakers – but your critical shoe-drobe is a classic pair of tan Brogues and a Derby style in a darker colour (like black leather or navy suede). Then get some cool socks to put your stamp on the nine to five.