The five days between you and the weekend might be a drag, but your style can still be lit. Check out our work wear edit for office basics that will get you places (or a promotion)



A good suit always looks slick. Plus, it’s a sure way to impress the squad after work. Mix it up with a combo of different shirts and accessories to keep the look fresh.

Style Tips:

  • Your suit jacket should fit onto the shoulder, still letting you raise your arm.
  • Leave the second button open for more swag.
  • Make sure your trousers are hemmed at least a thumb’s distance above the sole of your shoe. Hem on the ankle if you want to show off your socks.


Blazers upgrade a collared shirt and pull your look together for winter. Opt for a neutral colour to go with everything. We like navy and grey for easy mix-and-match potential.

Style Tips:

  • Check out the pockets for places to stash you phone and keys.
  • Pop a pocket square in the top pocket to give your look a personal twist.
  • The length of your sleeve should end just before your shirt cuff. 


From buttoned down to cut away, collars make shirts office ready. Build your wardrobe with a balance of plains and prints to keep things interesting.

Style Tips:

  • Button down collars are best for ties, just pick a width similar to your collar size.
  • If you’re going unbuttoned, keep it tame for the office. More than two buttons down is a night out.
  • Roll your sleeves in neat folds to still look on point.


Classic chinos are like grown-up denim. Keep it simple with a button up shirt or upgrade with a tailored blazer and all the trimmings.

Style Tips:

  • Not too tight, you need to be able to sit at your desk.
  • Pinch and cuff your hem to kick it.
  • Our chinos are slim leg for a more trending, tapered look.


From textured ties to the perfect watch, we’ve got all the accessories you need to jack up your office wardrobe.

Style Tips:

  • Textured ties up-style an old shirt, and look great with winter knits
  • Match your belt width to your loop size. We like it skinny.
  • Wear your watch snuggly on your wrist, peeking out from your jacket cuff.



Brogue, Derby, Slip On – Learn the footwear lingo here. The right shoes are critical to get your foot in the boardroom door.

Style Tips:

  • “Brogue” Dot detailing around the toe, laces up
  • “Derby” Classic front, laces up
  • “Slip On” Smooth front, no laces