At Markham, we understand that sometimes, a pair of denim is just not going to work. So here’s some inspiration for the range of 2-pleat smart pants available in our stores.

aneyx pants

What exactly are pleats? Pleats are the folds of fabric that are pressed or stitched in place around the front of a pair of smarter / formal pants. There are two different types of pleats – the reverse pleat (opens towards the pocket) and the forward pleat (open towards the zipper).

Pleats┬ámain job – giving you the extra room in the hip area, so that you move more freely and to give you more space when you sit down, allowing them to lay smoothly and prevents creasing and tightening.

There are some rules when it comes to wearing either pleated pants:

  • Make sure that your pants are fitted well and that it doesn’t look too baggy.
  • Pick either 1 pleat or 2 pleat depending on your body shape. The more pleats, the bigger your body looks.
  • Pleats must be subtle – don’t let the pleats flare out
  • Keep them smart casual by pairing with a golfer shirt and a pair of sneakers
  • Keep that shirt tucked in, this will help keep your overall look smart and your body looking slim
  • Belt or no belt, it’s up to you

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