Denim has come a long way since it was worn by miners and cowboys in the 1800’s and since has been the pants of choice for everyone from Presidents, super models, farmers, musicians and actors around the world. With over 20 different types of jeans and endless washes, cuts and styles, the choices are endless.


Key bottoms for your wardrobe

Here are our top 5 for your wardrobe:

  1. Slash Skinny

Starting off with a versatile standard skinny jean, the Slash Skinny features a slightly wider leg with a less pronounced taper on the legs (this means it won’t look like it was sprayed on) with the distressed rips across the font.

The focus with this skinny is the overall outfit, so these jeans create a sharp silhouette to allow for smart or casuals tops, jackets and coats to be worn with it.

  1. Overdyed

Relay Jeans Premium pays attention to the finer details of denim and the fit focus is a modern interpretation of the classic slim fit. The jeans are brought into 2016 by the overdying process, where the denim is dyed twice to obtain the colour wash of the season. Overall, the Relay Jeans Premium is more durable due to the dense weave and stronger construction.

  1. Biker

The Biker is where function and fashion meet. Inspired by the moto and bike scene, these jeans are designed for comfort and mimic the safety gear detailing on the protective gear worn in recreational and professional bike riding.

  1. Stretch

The Relay Jeans stretch jean is made up of 2% spandex, allowing for these jeans to be softer and give these jeans that stretchy feel. The addition of spandex allows for these jeans to hug your body but allows for more movement and better recovery of the denim, compared to regular denim jeans.

  1. Distressed Jogger

The casual cousin to the sweat pants, the Jogger is no longer a laze at home pair of pants. The Jogger proves an important piece if worn correctly – tailored and tapered to narrow ankles, showing off your favourite pair of sneakers. The Jogger is meant to be shorter than your normal sweats, so much sure they end at least 2cm above your ankles for the perfect fit. And to make sure that they don’t look like normal sweats, the distressed / worn / torn look on the front will make sure that these pants don’t look like a pair of sleep pants.

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