Student by day, fashion blogger by night, Anesu Chogugudza is better known to his online following as Aneyx_.  His love of fashion has seen him as a finalist in the 2015 GQ Most Stylish Reader Competition, where a simple picture of him wearing his favourite outfit was the second highest voted fashion blogger.


Markham teamed up with him around our Winter campaign, here’s what Anexy_ got up to with #TheParka.

MKM: Tell us about your accomplishment in the GQ Most Stylish Reader competition – why did you enter, what did you get to do?

A: This was the first platform for me to share my style and ever since then I haven’t stopped. A picture of me was sent to GQ and it was shortlisted and the public got to vote. I was fortunate to make it to the finals.

MKM: What are you doing at the moment?

A: I am a student, completing my degree in Human Resources and I am also a writer for the fashion magazine Renascence Man.

MKM: Tell us about the 4 looks you put together.

A: With winter approaching, it’s essential for every man to look good. With these 4 looks, I wanted to showcase the season’s key item, The Parka, in 4 very different looks.

MKM: Which look was your favourite?

A: I personally love the final one – with the black formal coat. I love the look of pairing a formal outfit with the right accessories and Markham offers just that. Being a gentleman never goes out of style, that’s why this look is my favourite.

MKM: What are your style tips for a Markham Man?

A: My advice for the Markham man is to always pay attention to detail. Always match your accessories, especially your belt and shoes. Stick to the basics and every now and then, add a dash of colour. Be versatile and try out different styles – formal, street style – and constantly mix the two for a chilled look for a night out with the guys.

Follow Aneyx_ for more style advise and fashion tips here:


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