Markham - Its all about the layering


Whether it’s just a jacket worn over a jersey or a coat or a sweatshirt and tee combo, the hottest look for Winter 2016, are layers. Here’s a quick guide to wearing it right.

Know your layers

Always start with your thinnest layer – a tee or simple long sleeve shirt followed by adding a layer of knitwear or a zip up sweatshirt, finally, complete the look with a thick and warm jacket. In a formal situation, avoid overdoing it and keep it to 3 layers. Have fun with different hem lengths, using an asymmetrical shirt, or leaving the hem of your formal shirt sticking out. Just remember that each piece should be able to be worn by itself.

Markham - Its all about the layering

Play with textures

Switch it up and create depth and interest by adding a chunky knitted jersey with a pair of formal pants and a biker jacket. Avoid wearing the same texture of fabric throughout your whole outfit.

Contrast with colours

Wearing brightly coloured tops is fine, just more than 2 bright colours and you’ll end up on the wrong side of the Best Dressed list. Try using complimentary colours when layering, or keeping the bright colour to a single piece.

Finish off your look

From scarves and hats, accessories bring in your unique fashion style, completing your look. Add a cap or woolly beanie, an oversized watch and sunglasses or even a fun pair of woolly socks that just peep out of your sneakers or boots.


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