Anesu at the J&b Met

Anesu at the J&B MET

Anesu attended the J&B Met which took place in Cape Town at the Kenilworth Racecourse on the 30 January 2016. Here he will share with us his favorite looks from the day.

Anesu at the J&b Met

Anesu breaks down his own look:

Staying on the theme, two styles were mixed which are also often viewed as opposites, a street look, and the classic suit look. All courtesy of Markham.

Anesu at the J&b Met

Group look 1:

Bursting with color, these gentlemen have ignored the suit code of conduct and rocked their blazers with shorts. This is one of my favourite look because color brings a positive mood, especially when rocked with confidence as these gentlemen did.

Look 2:

With this look being my favorite for the day, we see a suit which is not only a perfect fit, but also classy. Paired with accessories which gives it a beautiful finishing touch. True definition of ‘the suited man’.

Look 3: This is a versatile look, it’s one of my favorites because this gentleman blended two looks and pulled off a super dapper look. I mean look at those sandals – On point.

Anesu at the J&B Met

Look 4:

Simple and straightforward, we see a classic navy suit look topped of with bold colors, the bowtie and suspenders are finishing the look.

Look 5:

I didn’t believe in time travel till I saw this guy, a well studied look which takes us all back to the early 80’s. I love retro looks with a modern edge and this is definitely one of my favorites.

Look 6:

Simplicity is often the key to a good look, a crisp white shirt with a knit tie is completing this dapper look

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