Behind The Scenes With Prince The Model

We caught up with one of our models from the Express Luxe campaign and asked him a few questions on shoot day.

Prince D Jackson
How long ago did you start modeling?
I started modeling at the age of 22 and have been doing it full-time for the past two years.
Where are you from?
I was born in Cape Town and grew up in Congo, so feel as if I have two homes. I haven’t been back to Congo in a long time but I’m really looking forward to returning for a holiday there in summer.
Are you more of a summer or winter kind of person?
It’s pretty 50-50 but if I had to choose I’d pick summer as it gives me a bigger variety of clothing to work with.
It always comes back to fashion! So is your wardrobe is more tailored towards summer?
Pretty much – some of my favourite items are designer lightweight jackets that I like to wear in summer.
What would you say is essential for your spring wardrobe?
White belted chinos – I advise every man to have a pair. You can go anywhere with them and can wear them formal and casual. They’re a definite must-have. Make sure you rock them with a pair of white sneakers and exposed ankles.
What was your favorite outfit from today’s shoot?
The second outfit of the day, the sporty grey-on-grey look is spot on with my personal style. My next best was the smart casual look with my favourite white chinos, paired with a textured shirt, blue blazer and white sneakers.

What is your favorite spot in Cape Town?

Hands down my favorite day spot is Mixas on Kloof Street for a great breakfast and free wifi. The best nighttime spot is Waiting Room, for its great underground hip hop.
Are you a sporty kind of guy?
My friends and I like to swim and stage competitions against each other at the Seapoint swimming pools. We also love to play soccer.


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