Markham Fedisa Fashion Flash


After Eight weeks of illustrating, designing, pattern drafting and constructing, the 2nd Year FEDISA Students presented outstanding menswear collections to an open air deck full of industry guests and friends in the heart of Cape Town.

Markham Fedisa Fashion Flash

Markham Fedisa Fashion Flash

The judges from Markham.

FEDISA Fashion Flash

Markham representatives briefed the students on four major trends that their stores are following for Spring Summer 2014, which formed the foundation of the designs. The 2ndYear students were divided into five groups and each of those groups explored one trend in the design phase before creating a capsule collection. The collections consisted of each student designing and creating one look made up of three pieces: a top, jeans and an over garment. A few of the groups chose to create their own textile prints and all of them were required to manipulate the denim used for their jeans as part of the Textiles Technology syllabus. Each student also hand crafted an accessory to complement their pieces. As additional runway entertainment, the students presented Markham Leisure Suits, which are avant–‐garde suits for leisurewear. The students experimented with various knitting and knotting techniques to create these very interesting wearable art pieces. While the Markham judges deliberated, Mark Haze, popular musician and Idols runner up, and his brother, Gareth Haze, entertained the audience while onlookers basked in the noonday sun. The duo also showed off their style, having been dressed and styled by Markham. Breaths were held as the winners were announced: first place went to Catherine McIntosh, second to Dominique Leroux and third to Melisha Botha. Each showcased a strong look, with good styling. These winners are currently enjoying a week of internship at Markham, and were awarded with vouchers to spend at any of The Foschini Group brands.

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