Markham Relay Premium Denim

Relay Premium Launch

The Denim:
Relay Premium is a premium version of our famous Relay Denim. The quality of the denim and the attention to detail makes this denim ‘premium’. Relay Premium denim comes in an unwashed raw denim as well as a lighter wash denim. This allows for more variety & versatility.

Markham Relay Premium Denim

The Fit:
Made for the denim connoisseur, the fit is a modern interpretation of the classic slim fit. This premium denim fit is forward and edgy while maintaining a familiar feel and comfort. Wear true to size for a clean, fitted look or size up for a slouched relaxed look.

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The Detail:
The type of denim is known as Selvedge – from word “self-edge” which describes the woven denim fabric which has a clean & natural finish on the outer seam that will not fray or unravel. The Selvedge usually woven with a red coloured stripe has become a symbol of high-quality denim.

Initially, these types of denim were designed for workwear and were more durable due to the dense weave and stronger construction. This gives them an authentic feel and a more resistant quality.

Markham Relay Premium Denim

The branding detail on the rivets & button fly, the tailor scissor & penny farthing embossed details give the denim a heritage feel, referencing the authenticity of the Markham brand established in 1873. The Selvedge detail on the tickey pockets, inner waistband lining detail & back pocket seam detail, add to the premium quality in the garment. When the bottom hem of the denim is rolled up, specifically on the raw denim, the two selvedge edges where the denim is sewn together can be seen.

Markham Relay Premium Denim

Markham Relay Premium Denim




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