Father’s Day is upon us once again, so whether your ol’ man is into his hip hop get-ups, nails that hipster style, or rocks that old school vintage vibe like a pro, we’ve got something for him. Read on…

The Mac Daddy

Aside from his love of everything ’90s, especially the music, this Dad is bang on trend with the Golden Era of hip hop style. Think ripped jeans, checked shirts worn open, bomber jackets, sneakers, baseball caps and some bling. He’s the Dad every kid wants as his own because he never really grew up, and his style is on point.

Daddy Cool

With ’70s styling back, this dad knows his chinos from his skinnies, his Harrington from his parka. The look isn’t full blown; no, this dad draws on ’70s inspo but with an underlying hipster style and minimalist edge. He favours exotic culinary flavours, loves his old film camera more than anything except maybe craft beer – he really loves that- and has recently taken up boxing because he’s loving on all that flavour a bit too much.

The Godfather

This dad works a high-flying position at the JSE and calls some of the upper echelons of society his clients, so he has to walk the walk…. in premium leather. Even on his day off he takes pride in looking like he stepped off a Tom Ford runway. He values quality over quantity and has just a few key, expensive pieces that he works with other more low-key ones. He loves the finer things in life, like fast cars, real leather, bling watches and good cognac.


As one of the season’s key pieces, the parka jacket is both sophisticated and street, formal and fashion forward, trendy and tasteful and basically an all round 2017 wardrobe superstar.

With its roots in Northern Europe, specifically the icy Arctic Circle, it was the indigenous Caribou Inuits who we can thank for this super on fleek piece of fashion. It was originally lined with animal fur and made from seal skin to protect against the icy cold climate but from the ’40s we started to see the beginnings of what today’s high fashion parkas are styled on.

The 1940s were defined by WW2 and the original parka got reinvented and had mass usage as the military parka. The thick khaki fabric, plenty of outer and inner pockets for ammunition and supplies and the fact that it was long, made it the perfect get-up for soldiers.

Aside from the hood, the other defining feature of the parka was that it was roomy and allowed for layering. Something that the mods of the ’60s appreciated as it allowed them to rock some serious styling underneath yet remain warm whilst cruising the streets of London and New York. They also began sewing patches to their parkas, usually of their favourite bands, which as we know is making a comeback.

When the ’90s rolled around the parka re-emerged yet again as an item representing rebellious youth thanks to the likes of Oasis and other British bands who styled themselves mod-ish. Nowadays the parka has garnered a mass appeal and is relevant across all types of youth subculture. This is the best part about today’s parkas: how versatile it is and the fact that it’s the perfect item for layering, a big trend for Winter 2017.

Here are some favourite looks of the parka in its 2017 incarnation and you can shop our selection here.



Givenchy Resort 2017

Parka_ Moschino MOS0292

Moschino AW 2016


Paris Menswear Aut Winter 2016


Parka Dior Spring_Summer_2-17

Dior SS 2017


Prada SS 2017


Parka_Astrid_Fall 2017Parka_AstridAndersen_Fall2017

Astrid Andersen AW 2017


This goes against everything that we’ve ever been taught – that when something is dirty, you put it into the wash to get it clean. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not telling you it’s okay to walk around in dirty jeans forever, but there are better ways to keep your denim looking newer for longer, without using washing detergent.


The problem with washing detergent is that it strips fabric of its colour, colder water shrinks the fabric of your jeans (that’s why they feel so tight when you put them back on) and hot water stretches the fibres (that’s why they come apart quickly). So, what should you be doing?

  • Vinegar is King

No matter how much money you spend on your jeans or the type of fabric they are made from, you don’t want to have to replace them in a few weeks because they have faded. Water and soap / washing detergent speed up the fading process. Rather opt for soaking your denims in cold water and white vinegar. Simply add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the water and let your denims soak for an hour.  To dry, don’t wring them out – it stretches the fabric – rather just hang them up or lay them flat. And the smell? Once your jeans are dry, that smell will be gone (along with the dirt & germs).

  • Steam

Steam is a great way to refresh your jeans without having to use detergents or water. If your jeans are only slightly dirty, grab a coat hanger, and hang them up in the bathroom while you take a shower. The steam will remove any smells and don’t worry about the slight moisture that gets into the fabric, it’s not enough to do any damage.

  • Fresh air

If the weather is nice outside, grab those jeans and hang them up outside, but make sure that they are in the shade – you don’t want to come back and find that the sun has lightened the fabric. You’d be shocked how quickly it happens!

  • Time to chill

If you don’t have a lot of time and need to freshen up your jeans quickly, grab them and head to the freezer. Place your jeans into a freezer bag – you don’t want the ice to touch the fabric – place them in the freezer for a few hours and any smells that were on your jeans will be gone.

If your denims do become really dirty and you have no other option, wash them but leave out the detergent, opting rather for vinegar.

These tricks also work well for keeping your denim jackets looking newer for longer.

Now that you know how to keep them looking great, find your perfect pair of Markham and Relay Jeans here – VIEW DENIM RANGE


Where the coffee is strong and the wifi free. This is where today’s future entrepreneurs are crafting business models for their next big things. Where the solutions of today’s issues are being workshopped, we transferred, uploaded and brainstormed, as are the creative innovations to implement them.

Ah, the City of Gold, where there’s a constant sepia filter on everything from the ’80s style buildings of Hillbrow to the sparkly alien-like ones of Sandton, every neighbourhood the length of the M1 features some cool coffices.

Father Coffee


Probably the most Instagrammed coffice spot in Jozi, Father is not just about good coffee and free wifi, this place is all about living that Wallpaper-Magazine life, even if you’re not. Not only are the timber-clad interiors a design feat, but Jozi’s finest get their early morning fixes here before starting their day. Just be warned though, focusing on your work with all the stylistas hanging about can be quite challenging.


The Whippet


Around the koppie is The Whippet in the Parks’ neighbourhood of Linden. It’s where Joburg suburbia meets boho-artsy, designer types and a firm favourite coffice spot amongst the freeform, freelance community. It’s become a favourite because of the delicious food, light, designer interiors and the fact that everyone, or at least someone, knows your name. The vibe is friendly and cool and word on the street is that they recently launched their Winter 2017 menu which they believe is their best offering yet. Oh and did we mention the wifi is free?


Other favs:

Motherland Coffee Company

Bean There Coffee

Doubleshot Coffee and Tea


Where the coffee is strong and the wifi free. This is where today’s future entrepreneurs are crafting business models for their next big things. Where the solutions of today’s issues are being workshopped, we transferred, uploaded and brainstormed, as are the creative innovations to implement them.

Aside from the now boring ‘natural beauty’ the city boasts, which every Capetonian does too, Cape Town has some of the most well designed and very cool ‘coffice’ joints. They take their artisanal coffee seriously here, not to mention the wifi, most places in the city centre offer it free.

So here are two of our favourite spots that double up as Millenials’ go-to offices.


Field Office (East City)

field office-thumb

Over in the East City is Field Office, which is as its name suggests, is all about werk, werk, werk! Walk in there on any given day of the week during office hours and the place is jammed with young and happening creatives from all over the city. The area is a burgeoning hub of creativity with the Cape Craft and Design Institute located upstairs and various co-working hubs and design studios also in the area. Its proximity to the City Centre makes it a popular choice as a few minutes by sneakers gets you to Long, Loop and Bree Streets and the My Citi Bus routes are everywhere.


Rosetta Coffee


Not only does this place roast some of the most exciting flavours from around the world it also happens to be one of the chicest most beautifully designed coffee caves in the city and arguably the country. Located in every Millennial’s shopping centre of choice, the Woodstock Exchange (boasting some of the city’s fastest broadband wifi, that’s free), it’s one big vibe hanging out here. The coffee is artisanal, the setting urban and very chic, the style-game of the creatives is seriously on-point and of course the wifi is fast.


Other favs:

Loading Bay


Rick’s Café Americain


If you’re the type who has a soulful soundtrack to every phase of your life, from your teens, to your first love, to your first born, then the fact that it’s the Cape Town Jazz Festival (http://www.capetownjazzfest.com/) this weekend is a big deal.

Whether you’re into jazz or not the line-up this year is on fire and has a mixed bag of big sound jazz (Marcus Gilmore & Taylor McFerrin, Everette Harp, Jeff Lorber & Paul Jackson Jr and Skyjack), Afro-funk and jazz (Manu Dibangu, Pops Mohammed, Thandiswa Mazwai, The Rudimentals) and some serious hip hop and R&B names (En Vogue, The Internet, Digable Planets, anyone?).

Hit those fashion high notes with some of our favourite looks in current menswear from around the interwebs, to go with each of these genres. Because good music deserves great style!

The Jazz Purist, with a twist


This look is all kinds of right! We love the nod to old school styling with the high-waisted pants, braces and hat but with on trend blingin’ rings and a sheep skin collared jacket.

Jazz 2http://www.feedpuzzle.com/feed/streetstyle-pitti-uomo-89-fucking-young-2/

This is definitely one of our favourite looks for a night of jazz. The biker jacket adds a street edge to the collared white shirt and tie combo and the fez hat and thick rimmed glasses finishes it off with an Afro-urban edge.

Jazz 3

For a sophisticated and edgy look this palette of beige and black is totally on fleek! The beanie and loafers with chinos and tailored long woollen coat is achingly cool.


Afro-funkin’ and punkin’

Afrofunk 1http://fashionista.com/2017/01/mens-street-style-fall-2017-pitti-uomo-london-milan#gid=ci02011066c000269a&gid=ci02011066c000269a&pid=london-m-str-rf17-9063jpg

We love this contemporary take on an Afrocentric look. The bright pops of colour with the military style boiler suite, the sandals with socks, the insanely cool and weird hat, it all just works.

Afrofunk 2https://refusestolabel.com/2015/03/22/gentlemen-of-printed-pleasures/

This look is a great combination of funk and punk with an ode to Afro-aestheticism. The neutral trench coat, skinny jeans and workman’s boots paired with a Dashiki shirt make this a look with global style miles.


Hip hop and it don’t stop

Hip hop1http://fashionista.com/2017/01/mens-street-style-fall-2017-pitti-uomo-london-milan#gid=ci02011066c000269a&gid=ci02011066c000269a&pid=london-m-str-rf17-1313jpg

With a distinctly 90s vibe, thanks to the turtle neck and doc marten looking boots, this bright printed jogger and sweat combo is given a stylish twist for a night out. You’ll be comfy too.

Hip Hop 2http://fashionista.com/2017/01/mens-street-style-fall-2017-pitti-uomo-london-milan#gid=ci02011066c000269a&gid=ci02011066c000269a&pid=milano-str-rf17-9953jpg

Keen on some serious pimpin’ style? Then you need a big fur coat. The bigger and furrier it is, the more played down you need to keep it underneath. Like this jeans, tee and denim shirt combo paired with white sports socks and sneakers.