With the rise of athleisure wear, casual looks are finding their way into the realm of the formal. Times have changed and us guys will find any excuse to dress down as opposed to up. A suit and tie is even pushing it for the office these days let alone the wedding of your better half’s bestie. And a tux? If we have to… And a white tux? Well, that’s just pushing it!

Maharshala Ali | Screen Actor's Guild Awards

Turns out, however, the white tux was the hottest red carpet get-up at this year’s awards season, from the Bafta’s to the Screen Actor Guild Awards to the Oscars. Yes, gents, the white tux is having a moment, so you better recognize.

Originally worn in the military, the white tux jacket became the formal ‘it’ garment for men in the summertime. Nowadays it’s become a ‘peacocking’ staple for those wanting to get noticed. Here are some of our favourite looks for this year’s awards season and some vintage white tux jacket wearing OG’s.

  1. The star of Moonlight, Maharshala Ali, went for an all white tux with slim shawl collar at this year’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. We love the leather loafers-sans-socks giving this look a laid back vibe yet being totally on point.


  2. English actor, David Oyelowo, had heads turning at the Oscars in his classic white tux jacket and black shawl collar.


  3. And probably our favourite white tux look is from Dev Patel at this year’s Oscars. The simple styling of the slim jacket with peaked lapels, black pants and bowtie make this a classic yet stand-out look.


  1. It was arguably Sean Connery and Roger Moore as James Bond, who reinvigorated the appeal in of the white tux adding a burst of red to the lapel in the form of a flower. Fast forward a decade or two and who could forget Diddy in his prime.

    Sean_Connery_WhiteTux White_Tux_Pdiddy


This year’s Durban July met our expectations and more, the horse races, the constant ecstatic energy in the atmosphere, but we paid special attention to the men-style and their interpretation of the theme ‘Colour of magic’.

Before we go anywhere far, our brand ambassadors showed everyone that stylish and elegance is the way to go as Anga (@iamnaakmusiq) and Anesu (@aneyx) ably demonstrated.


Inspired by elegance and the fury white magic, Anga wore a Markham tuxedo and paired it up with an interesting bow-tie and pocket square, magical!

On the other hand, Anesu had another interpretation to the theme as he wore a Markham burgundy suit with a marble printed shirt and accessorised his look well with hints of navy.

Photo 2017-07-01, 4 17 33 PM

Congratulation to this year’s best dressed gentleman, @naseemnazer, here’s a glimpse of what he wore:

Photo 2017-07-03, 4 40 07 PM

Throughout the day we kept an eye out for interesting looks and proper interpretations of the theme, the gentlemen definitely delivered!

Here are a few of our favourites:

We think these gentlemen definitely pulled off the color of magic in their outfits and we can’t to see what next year’s instalment of the Durban July has waiting for us!



The five days between you and the weekend might be a drag, but your style can still be lit. Check out our work wear edit for office basics that will get you places (or a promotion)



A good suit always looks slick. Plus, it’s a sure way to impress the squad after work. Mix it up with a combo of different shirts and accessories to keep the look fresh.

Style Tips:

  • Your suit jacket should fit onto the shoulder, still letting you raise your arm.
  • Leave the second button open for more swag.
  • Make sure your trousers are hemmed at least a thumb’s distance above the sole of your shoe. Hem on the ankle if you want to show off your socks.


Blazers upgrade a collared shirt and pull your look together for winter. Opt for a neutral colour to go with everything. We like navy and grey for easy mix-and-match potential.

Style Tips:

  • Check out the pockets for places to stash you phone and keys.
  • Pop a pocket square in the top pocket to give your look a personal twist.
  • The length of your sleeve should end just before your shirt cuff. 


From buttoned down to cut away, collars make shirts office ready. Build your wardrobe with a balance of plains and prints to keep things interesting.

Style Tips:

  • Button down collars are best for ties, just pick a width similar to your collar size.
  • If you’re going unbuttoned, keep it tame for the office. More than two buttons down is a night out.
  • Roll your sleeves in neat folds to still look on point.


Classic chinos are like grown-up denim. Keep it simple with a button up shirt or upgrade with a tailored blazer and all the trimmings.

Style Tips:

  • Not too tight, you need to be able to sit at your desk.
  • Pinch and cuff your hem to kick it.
  • Our chinos are slim leg for a more trending, tapered look.


From textured ties to the perfect watch, we’ve got all the accessories you need to jack up your office wardrobe.

Style Tips:

  • Textured ties up-style an old shirt, and look great with winter knits
  • Match your belt width to your loop size. We like it skinny.
  • Wear your watch snuggly on your wrist, peeking out from your jacket cuff.



Brogue, Derby, Slip On – Learn the footwear lingo here. The right shoes are critical to get your foot in the boardroom door.

Style Tips:

  • “Brogue” Dot detailing around the toe, laces up
  • “Derby” Classic front, laces up
  • “Slip On” Smooth front, no laces



Father’s Day is upon us once again, so whether your ol’ man is into his hip hop get-ups, nails that hipster style, or rocks that old school vintage vibe like a pro, we’ve got something for him. Read on…

The Mac Daddy

Aside from his love of everything ’90s, especially the music, this Dad is bang on trend with the Golden Era of hip hop style. Think ripped jeans, checked shirts worn open, bomber jackets, sneakers, baseball caps and some bling. He’s the Dad every kid wants as his own because he never really grew up, and his style is on point.

Daddy Cool

With ’70s styling back, this dad knows his chinos from his skinnies, his Harrington from his parka. The look isn’t full blown; no, this dad draws on ’70s inspo but with an underlying hipster style and minimalist edge. He favours exotic culinary flavours, loves his old film camera more than anything except maybe craft beer – he really loves that- and has recently taken up boxing because he’s loving on all that flavour a bit too much.

The Godfather

This dad works a high-flying position at the JSE and calls some of the upper echelons of society his clients, so he has to walk the walk…. in premium leather. Even on his day off he takes pride in looking like he stepped off a Tom Ford runway. He values quality over quantity and has just a few key, expensive pieces that he works with other more low-key ones. He loves the finer things in life, like fast cars, real leather, bling watches and good cognac.


As one of the season’s key pieces, the parka jacket is both sophisticated and street, formal and fashion forward, trendy and tasteful and basically an all round 2017 wardrobe superstar.

With its roots in Northern Europe, specifically the icy Arctic Circle, it was the indigenous Caribou Inuits who we can thank for this super on fleek piece of fashion. It was originally lined with animal fur and made from seal skin to protect against the icy cold climate but from the ’40s we started to see the beginnings of what today’s high fashion parkas are styled on.

The 1940s were defined by WW2 and the original parka got reinvented and had mass usage as the military parka. The thick khaki fabric, plenty of outer and inner pockets for ammunition and supplies and the fact that it was long, made it the perfect get-up for soldiers.

Aside from the hood, the other defining feature of the parka was that it was roomy and allowed for layering. Something that the mods of the ’60s appreciated as it allowed them to rock some serious styling underneath yet remain warm whilst cruising the streets of London and New York. They also began sewing patches to their parkas, usually of their favourite bands, which as we know is making a comeback.

When the ’90s rolled around the parka re-emerged yet again as an item representing rebellious youth thanks to the likes of Oasis and other British bands who styled themselves mod-ish. Nowadays the parka has garnered a mass appeal and is relevant across all types of youth subculture. This is the best part about today’s parkas: how versatile it is and the fact that it’s the perfect item for layering, a big trend for Winter 2017.

Here are some favourite looks of the parka in its 2017 incarnation and you can shop our selection here.



Givenchy Resort 2017

Parka_ Moschino MOS0292

Moschino AW 2016


Paris Menswear Aut Winter 2016


Parka Dior Spring_Summer_2-17

Dior SS 2017


Prada SS 2017


Parka_Astrid_Fall 2017Parka_AstridAndersen_Fall2017

Astrid Andersen AW 2017